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Beauty with safety. Experience quality at reasonable price. Beautifying beauty naturally.

Body Care

Looking for indulgence? You're in the right place! From relaxing bath treats to opulent Home Spa Treatments

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First time visitor get 15% off & Free special spa massage for ​rejuvenating health & mind.

Beauty Salon

Our goal is to ensure each client has a great experience and leaves with a wonderful look.

Happy Clients. That's What She Said....

After finding I was allergic to my previous hair color, and being newly pregnant, I was very happy to find Beauty Ecology Organic Salon's safe alternative! I'm so thankful that I no longer leave the salon with an itchy and burning scalp.

I have been going to Platinum Skin Studio for the last 1 years. When I first moved to the city, my skin had a hard time acclimating to the city air and grime. I never broke out before and it wasn't until I started seeing Nona that my skin was back to normal. I have now been in the city for years and my skin looks great!

I absolutely love the organic skin care and hair care products that she has developed with her chemists. Platinum Skin Studio uses the best organic products that feel great and my skin is always glowing when I leave. It is always a pleasant experience. I cannot recommend Platinum Skin Studio enough!

Beauty Treatments

Our highly qualified therapists will discuss your specific concerns and individualise your massage to meet your requirements, be it back, neck and shoulder, full body Swedish massage or head and neck.


This form of therapy involves hands-on techniques to help increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety and improve sleep. Our highly qualified therapists will discuss your specific concerns

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